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Udyog Bharti, Gondal is registered under Public Charitable Trust Act by Khadi Gramodyog Commission of India & Gujarat State Khadi Gramodyog Bhord.

Udyog Bharti was established in 1957 in a very small room to give self-respected employment to the scorn & needy people by handspun & handwoven Khadi &Gramodyog (i.e.Village industries).

These days approximately 2,000 families are earning their bread with the help of Udyog  Bharti Now-a-days the world is under the pressure of economical ups & downs, the distraction of environment & adverse effect of industrialization & many other factors. So, developed countries are trying to adopt "Gandhian Thoughts".

The goal of institution is to produce goods & thereby to employ people as suggested by Mahatma Gandhi.

Founder of
Udyog Bharti, Gondal

Late. Hon. Hargovindbhai B. Patel