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Safe Deposit Locker Cabinet (IS 5244:1991)
Material: The Lockers are manufactured as per IS:5244. The tuuo sides, back, top and bottom of the locker cabinet are fabricated from tested quality 5 mm thick M.S. plate. The partitions and the shelves are of 2 mm HR prime quality steel sheet. The door plate of each locker is 10 mm M.S. plate The hinge arrangement, such that it is provide sufficient resistant against tempering attack of common hand tools. The shelves of the locker are reinforced at the front uuith the 50X1 Omm bright solid flats.
lock: €ach Locker is fitted uuith high quality first class unpickable dual control 7 lever key lock. These locks are self-locking so that the custodian does not have to re-lock the locker uuith his key after the customer has locked it. The mechanism of the lock is such that the customer shall not be able to withdraw his key unless the locker has been re-locked fully, Once the customer has locked the locker, the same cannot be opened unless the custodian turns in his key to take off his control. UUe can also provide personal lock known as renter lock from inside for total protection and customer retains the key. Overall pad locking system can also be provided so that customer can use their ouun padlock for more confidence.
Size : The size and dimension of locker made as per IS:5244. In addition to, also manufactures safe deposit locker as per the customer choice and specification for the best and economical use of available space.
Anti-corrosion treatment and Finish: fill steel component are given a through anti corrosion treatment. The chemicals used for this treatment are exclusively formulated through careful experimentation at our plant, fill steel components free from grease and rust are treated for formation of rust preventing iron-phosphate film. This Vital film is protected through a process of passivation, the final step of the treatment. Immediately afterward, the steel components are given coats of rust inhibiting zinc chromate primer for more protection againts rust. Then the Locker cabinet is given coats of high quality paints. Doors and hinges are decorated by anodized 1 mm thick aluminum cover.
Lock Overall Size(M.M)
H. W. D.
Locker Size (M.M.) Weight
1 90 2000 x 1080 x 600 90 Locker-125x175x517 740
2 75 2000 x 1080 x 600 66 Locker-125x175x517
06 Locker-125x352x517
03 Locker-278x352x517
3 51 2000 x 1080 x 600 46 Locker-159x210x517
02 Locker-159x423x517
02 Locker-322x423x517
01 Locker-322x210x517
4 45 2000 x 1080 x 600 45 Locker-125x352x517 655
5 40 2000 x 1080 x 600 40 Locker-189x263x517 570
6 32 2000 x 1080 x 600 28 Locker-189x263x517
02 Locker-189x529x517
02 Locker-405x529x517
7 21 2000 x 1080 x 600 21 Locker-278x352x517 525
8 20 2000 x 1080 x 600 20 Locker-189x529x517 520