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Door Frame
Tested quality 10 mm thick M.S. plate is used for fabricating the one-piece beat angle door frame. For strength and rigidity the door frame is suitably, reinforced along the hight and width, A special (Box-jumb) is welded to the frome to provide strong rebate for the shooting bolts.
Door Slab
The outer layer of the door slab is tough tested M.S. Plate of 12 to 32 mm thickness for Various Strength of door it is further reinforced by a composite 50 mm thick layer of double duty barrier material This dual protection is provided over the entire lock case area.
Bolt Work find Locking Mechanism
The door is provided with 12 shooting bolt (each of 32 mm dia) six in front, six at the rear, which slides behind the tough (Box-jamb) rebate. These bolts can be activated simultaneously by the movement of handle. Any pressure exerted on the lock bolt on one side automatically bring into play equal balancing pressure on the opposite side to neutralize and defeat the attempts to dislodge the lock. The doors are fitted with two superior quality dual control precision 10-lever locks along with S.S. Keys in duplicate, fit extra cost, if specified at the time of placing of the order 3 or 4- whell numerical combination lock which offer nearly 100 million combination for setting and resetting can be provided or superior quality imported Time Lock which multiple clock movements can be fitted.
Automatic re-locking deviice
A standard feature on all models of door, this sensitive device is triggered-of when an attack is attempted on the lock through the keyhole with any instrument. This automatic re-locking device guards all the key locks.
Adjustable Hings
The hinges are properly aligned both vertically and horizontally for ensuring smooth and easy operating of the door. The hinge enable the door shutter to be adjusted vertically so that it maintains accurate fit with the frame.
Mode of opening
for convenience of working in the strong room, a well-designed grill gate is provided which is secured with 8-lever lock operated from both sides. The main doors always open outside and the frill gate inside. All standard doors are hung on the right. However, if specified at the time of placing the order, the door and the grill gate can be hung on the left.
Anti-corrosion treatment and Finish
All steel component are given a through anti corrosion treatment. The chemicals used for this treatment are exclusively formulated through careful experimentation at our plant, fill steel components free from grease and rust are treated for formation of rust preventing iron-phosphate film. This vital film is protected through a process of passivation, the final stop of the treatment. Immediately afterward, the steel components are given coats of rust inhibiting zinc chromate primer for more protection against rust. Then the door is given coats of high quality paints. Alternatively the doors can be finished by cladding in stainless steel at an extra cost.

Sr. No. Details Outer Size
H. & W.
Inner Size
H. & W.
1 Strong Room Doors L Type, Frame Plate 10mm, Door Plate 32 mm 7'.6" x 4' 6'.6" x 3' 1020
2 Strong Room Doors L Type, Frame Plate 10mm, Door Plate 20 mm 7' x 3'.6" 6' x 2'.6' 810
3 Strong Room Doors L Type, Frame Plate 10mm, Door Plate 12 mm 7'.6" x 4' 6'.6" x 3' 800
4 Strong Room Doors L Type, Frame Plate 10mm, Door Plate 12 mm T x 41 6' x 3' 750
5 Strong Room Doors L Type, Frame Plate 10mm, Door Plate 12 mm T x 3'.6' 6' x 2'6" 720
6 Strong Room Doors L Type, Frame Plate 10mm, Door Plate 12 mm 6' x 3.6' 5' x 2'6" 650